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Worcester Barrel Shaped Teapot, Decorated in Blue and White with the 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' Pattern, Disguised Numeral Mark, c1775-85


A delightful and very attractive Worcester teapot decorated in blue and white with the 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' pattern and marked on the underside with the Worcester disguised '8' numeral mark. This elegant early Worcester teapot dates from c1775-85.

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The teapot is a smooth barrel shape with beautifully moulded spout and ear shaped handle. The body of the teapot is strikingly decorated with the oriental 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' print on both sides of the teapot in blue and white.

The 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' print comprises a willow pattern type of design but without the usual bridge within the scene. It shows two very tall Chinese style temple like buildings on an island on the left hand side of the scene. There are two pairs of figures standing toward the centre of the scene with a small pavilion building between them. To the right of the scene is a second island with more oriental style buildings within a rocky and tree covered landscape. There is an applied painted light blue painted foreground to the pattern.

This same 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' pattern appears on the other side of the teapot.

The shoulder of the teapot has a rich oriental blue and white border in Chinese-style which includes within it little vignettes of buildings and trees. This same border decoration is applied to the teapot's lid.

The spout of the teapot is of a beautifully moulded shape and has a blue printed decoration to the front of it of flowers and foliage. A further foliate decoration is applied to the top tip of the spout.

Very rich and extremely fine gilding is applied around the joint of the spout and the teapot. The tip of the spout also has applied gilt decoration.

The handle of the teapot is of an elegant ear shape and there are some gilt embellishments to it on the back edge and the top where it joins the body of the teapot.

The drop in circular lid of the teapot has a flat circular stud-like knob. The top of the knob is decorated with a blue star which is highlighted with a gilt star.

A minor 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' print is used to decorate the lid together with the same oriental Chinese style border. The very edge of the lid has a gilded line running round it as does the teapot opening for the lid.

The underside of the teapot is beautifully marked with a Worcester disguised numeral mark. In this particular case, this mark is a disguised '8' in blue.

This is certainly a very fine early Worcester teapot of pleasing shape and striking blue and white 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' pattern decoration, c 1775-85.

This is a delightful Worcester blue and white teapot, decorated with the 'Two Figures in a Temple Landscape' pattern and having a disguised numeral mark on the underside. This teapot dates from c1775-85.

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Size and Weight: (values are approximate)

bullet5" (147mm) height of the teapot and cover to the top of the cover finial.
bullet8" (208mm) length of the teapot from the tip of the spout to the back edge of the handle.
bullet1lb 3oz (540gms) weight of the teapot and cover.


This delightful Worcester teapot is very clearly marked on the underside with a Worcester disguised numeral mark. This mark is a disguised '8'. Such disguised marks were used at the famous Worcester factory between 1775-90.



This very fine Worcester teapot is in quite good condition, with no cracks. The only imperfections are that there has been some restoration to the top front tip of the spout and a tiny chip on the inner rim where the lid fits, as indicated by the arrows in the pictures below. This restoration has been very well done and does not detract from the beauty of the piece.  There is also some wear to the gilding, particularly to the top of the lid finial. Despite these imperfections, it remains a fine Worcester teapot for the collector of early Worcester or English porcelain.


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