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Coalport 'John Rose' Oval New Fluted 'Gilded Swags' Teapot, c1800



An elegant John Rose Coalport Teapot and cover of 'new fluted' moulded oval shape and having gilded swag decoration, c1800.

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John Rose had been an apprentice to Thomas Turner at the Caughley factory until aged 21 when he set up his own manufacturing company with Edward Blakeway at Jackfields around 1793. By 1796 they had set up a works across the other side of the River Severn at Coalport, from where this delightful teapot originated.

The oval body of the teapot is moulded with rounded vertical flutes, known as 'New Fluted' design.


Around the main body of the teapot is a delicate gilded swag decoration of stylised foliage, this hanging below a gilt line.


There is a gilt line around the foot of the teapot and around the rim. Below the rim on the shoulder of the teapot is a fine gilded foliate garland.


The spout of the teapot is half faceted to the lower half, the facets are picked out in the rich honey coloured gilding. Further gilding embellishes the top portion of the spout. The tip of the spout is also gilded.


There is an open loop handle which is moulded and has an inward facing spur on the lower portion. The back edge of the teapot has gilded foliage applied.


The cover of the teapot is also fluted and has the same fine gilded decoration as the teapot itself. This time the gilded foliate garland go upward from the rim of the cover.


The moulded oval mushroom finial is gilded on the top portion.



This is a very elegant Coalport 'John Rose' Oval New Fluted 'Gilded Swags' Teapot, c1800.

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Size and Weight: (values are approximate)

  • 6" (180mm) height of the teapot to the tip of the cover finial.
  • 10" (255mm) length of the teapot from the tip of the spout to the back edge of the handle.
  • 1lb 6oz (615gms) weight of the teapot and cover.


There are no manufacturer's marks on this teapot and cover, but it is from the Coalport factory, c1798.


This is a very elegant John Rose Coalport teapot. It is in what looks to be very good condition, with the gilding in very good order and showing only extremely minor wear. The only imperfections are two tiny stress cracks on the handle where it joins the teapot at the top. I also believe that the finial may have been reattached and restored, as I can detect that there is a change in the body colour and shine from inside the gilt line around the finial to the gilded portion of the finial. This is only really visible on very close inspection. Otherwise this is a really fine Coalport teapot for the collector of Coalport or early English tea wares.

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