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Worcester ' First Period' Tea Bowl & Saucer, transfer printed with 'Milkmaids' pattern, c1780


A most stunning rare Worcester Tea Bowl and saucer dating from c1780. This very pretty item is decorated in on-glaze black (or jet- enamel as it was then called), with a print known as the 'Milkmaids'. This delightful scene epitomises the English rural life in eighteenth century England. Not only is it a charming scene, it now provides an insight into social history of the period.

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The tea bowl and saucer are made of a very fine body material, with a good shine to the glaze.


There were in fact a few versions of the 'Milkmaids' print used at the Worcester factory. This particular version shows two milkmaids, each with a wooden milk pail on their head. There is a central figure of a man helping one of the milkmaids with her pail. Behind the group of three figures are farm buildings and two cows. This is a Robert Hancock print.


The print on the reverse of the tea bowl shows a milkmaid leading one of three cows in a rural scene. These scenes must be some of the most quintessential English Eighteenth century rural scenes that one could hope to see.


The tea bowl sits on a raised foot rim and the under side has an inscribed inner circle

On the inside rim of the tea bowl runs a fine brown line.

The saucer is decorated with the main black and white print of the 'milkmaids'


The saucer is raised on a circular foot rim and the inner rim is decorated with the same thin brown line that is applied to the tea bowl


    An absolutely stunning rare Worcester Tea Bowl and Saucer, on-glaze black printed with the 'Milkmaids', c1780. A charming piece of exquisite Worcester for the collector of Worcester or very fine quality eighteenth century porcelain.

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Size and Weight: (values are approximate)

  • 2¾" (70mm) diameter of the tea bowl.
  • 1¾" (45mm) height of the tea bowl.
  • 4¾" (120mm) diameter of the saucer.
  • 4¾oz (132gms) total weight.


There are no manufacturer's marks on this Tea Bowl and Saucer, but is a Worcester Tea Bowl and Saucer dating from c1780.


This delightful tea bowl and saucer are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, repairs or restoration. The prints remain in quite good condition although the print on the saucer does show a little sign of some wear around the centre portion where the tea bowl would sit. There is also a little wear to the brown lines that run round the tea bowl and saucer. These minor imperfections are shown in the pictures below. This must be a piece of Worcester for any connoisseur collector and a charming item for any collection of quality English eighteenth century porcelain.


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