Our customers are important to us. It is why we provide an individual service and are happy to answer any questions you may have, provide further photographs, background and history of the items you are interested in purchasing. Here are just a few words about some of our satisfied customers around the world:

Georgian Taza"The tazza arrived safe and sound!  What a BEAUTY it is!!!  Thank you for the very best in professional packing!!  I have received  dozens of shipments from overseas; and I can honestly say that you are THE BEST!!!  I truly appreciate the care and time that you took.  After all, we are only temporary caretakers of these wonderful antiques."Jerry E Dalton, New Ohio, USA

William IV/early Victorian, 3-piece china teaset - Copeland and Garrett"This morning I received all of the items I had ordered without fail, together with many documents. (I have been a little afraid whether they might arrive at my house in the perfect condition or not.) I was very excited to see the beautiful and real antique set. By this successful shopping between us, I believe and trust you and your shop more and further. Thank you very much." 鈴木正彦 Edward Suzuki, Japan

Sterling Silver Coffee Pot, George IV, Joseph Angel, 1822Georgian Decanter, three neck rings and Lozenge stopper, c1800."I received the items today. I am very pleased with them. Thank you very much for the items purchased and the professional transaction.Paul Erba, Oklahoma, USA

Tea Caddy, 2 Comp + mix bowl, Rosewood, c1800-20"Thanks again for the beautiful caddy, the great packing job, and your prompt attention. I really do like it and it arrived in fine shape." K Sullivan, New Jersey, USA

Sugar Tongs, Bright Cut, Sterling Silver, 1805"Many thanks for the safe delivery of the sugar tongs. You were right, they are delightful and a nice touch was the inclusion of the post card, much appreciated."S Beesley, Rugby, UK

Tea Caddy, 2 Comp, Octagonal, Mahogany"I have just finished unpacking and admiring my new acquisition. It is really beautiful, and is exactly the quality and detail level you described. The packaging was perfectly done, so of course there is no damage. You have been a wonderful help in every aspect of this transaction. It would be a pleasure to do business with you again.S Cool, Virginia, USA